Everyone on the Keller team is united by an unwavering commitment to our core values of safety, leadership, professionalism, caring and teamwork – both on the job and off. We hire based on those values and the people we hire stay with us because those values matter to them. We’re intentional in how we build each project team, too. People are chosen because they’re the right fit for the needs of our clients and the demands of the job. Once we build the right team, we make sure everyone follows the same processes and procedures, so that clients can count on a consistent experience in every interaction with us.

John Cameron


Without doubt, the thing I enjoy most about my work is the Keller team. Being surrounded day in and day out by the people in this company makes coming to work a joy. We’ve assembled an incredible team of people that are creative, energetic, caring and dedicated. Each of them is solely focused on building uplifting, positive relationships with everyone we come in contact with. The reason people choose to work with us again and again is because of those relationships. Clients trust us to not only know how to execute and complete their project, but also to be honest and fair, and to care as deeply about their goals as they do.

Tim Coghlan


I enjoy working with Keller because everyone shares the same goals – to be the smartest construction company in Canada, to be the safest and the one that adds the most value for our clients. Our values keep us on track. They are not aspirational. They are representative of who we are and we use those values every day. They’re what helps us think differently and deliver differently than the competition. I enjoy the challenge and the complexity of the work and the opportunity to help clients achieve their goals.

Peter Jonkman


There are few things in this world as powerful as a motivated team pulling in the same direction. The Keller family’s commitment to each other and to our clients is truly remarkable in this industry and is reflected in our enduring Client relationships. Our aim is to Change the Experience, which for us starts with understanding. A Keller project is industry-leading by every metric, but what truly sets us apart is our ability to embed value in the details. I am proud to call Keller home and am grateful for the projects we undertake each day.

David Chase

Vice President, Construction

Throughout my time at Keller I have had the opportunity to work in a few different roles, including as the Project Manager and the Director of Business Development, and now as the VP Construction. I’ve enjoyed working in all of those roles because Keller’s values closely align with my personal values. Some of the major differentiators between Keller and our competitors are our transparency, honesty and authenticity – things that also matter to me. Clients choose us for our people, knowledge and experience, and they stay with us because we’re committed to building things that matter.

Regan Solbak

Director, Finance

Keller is an organization that lives its values daily – values that closely align with my own.  I’ve been fortunate to join an energetic and driven team that is passionate about quality, taking care of one another, and striving for constant improvement.  As a CPA, I get the opportunity to use my experience and financial background to help drive the strategy and vision of a company with a long and rich history.  I am excited to be a part of Team Keller and its ongoing success.

Nicholle Louvelle

Director, Strategic Development

I enjoy working at Keller because its culture and values align with my own. We are a diverse, caring, and people-oriented team of professionals dedicated to our Clients and the deep-rooted relationships we have formed. At Keller, we action the essence of stewardship – to leave things better than when we found them. We understand the transformative impact quality structures have in community and work diligently to create smart, lasting spaces to be enjoyed for generations to come. Finally, I am proud to work for an organization that supports mental health initiatives and the reduction of human suffering.