Welcome to Keller Construction Ltd. Our team is dedicated to listening and working with you to deliver an enjoyable building experience.

Our Story

It’s about more than buildings. It’s about what buildings make possible.

Since 1962, Keller has worked to build projects that deliver exactly what our clients envision. While construction technology has advanced and techniques have evolved, our commitment to our core values and to building relationships with clients remains unchanged. At Keller we work hard to earn, and keep, the confidence of our clients – clients who trust us to build something great so they can do great things.

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Our Approach

Everything we do is done with intention.

At Keller, we start every project by listening. We listen to what clients tell us about their vision, their previous construction experiences and their concerns. We ask questions, dig into details and share input and feedback well before our clients commit to the project. Once they are comfortable and the project begins, we get to work using the talent, tools and technology that make the process collaborative and enjoyable. We see ourselves as an extension of our client’s team, which means we are honest about costs, upfront about challenges and communicate openly and frequently. Our intentional approach allows us to consistently meet and exceed client expectations.

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Our Work

To show you what we can do, let us show you what we’ve done.

A quick tour of any of our projects will attest to the skills and experience we bring to our work and our commitment to building to the highest standard. What’s harder to see is our diligence, professionalism and enthusiasm – but those qualities are just as important to our clients. So is our ability to listen to advice and suggestions, and our willingness to explore innovation and alternatives. While our finished projects show you exactly what we can do, the clients who choose to work with us again and again are testimony to what makes Keller different.

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Our People

Our teams are built with intention too.

Everyone on the Keller team is united by an unwavering commitment to our core values of safety, leadership, professionalism, caring and teamwork – both on the job and off. We hire based on those values and the people we hire stay with us because those values matter to them. We’re intentional in how we build each project team too. People are chosen because they’re the right fit for the needs of our clients and the demands of the job. Once we build the right team, we make sure everyone follows the same processes and procedures, so that clients can count on a consistent experience in every interaction with us.

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