Keller Construction Ltd. was established by Ernie Keller 60 years ago with the goal of building things better. Wayne Cameron, one of the first members of the Keller team, recognized the company’s potential and eventually became the owner. Today Keller upholds the same commitment to exceeding customer expectations that has guided us since day one. Esso was our very first client and they’re still with us. We have a long history of working to ensure quality and consistency in the industry. Wayne Cameron was a founding member of the Alberta Construction Safety Association and President of the Edmonton Construction Association. As a company, we remain involved with them and many additional industry organizations.

Over the past six decades, we’ve grown to become a full-service petroleum and commercial construction company, with more than 80 employees based out of our Edmonton office. We continue to build service stations as well as beautiful buildings and state-of-the-art industrial shops for clients across Western Canada. Tenant improvements that range in scope and complexity are also an important part of our work.

Everything we do is focused on making the construction process as easy as possible for our clients. We find creative solutions to challenges, mitigate issues before they happen and keep clients up-to-date through every step of the project. Our strength is in the quality of our work, the skills and experience of our team members and our collaborative, diligent approach to getting the work done.

Our core values guide every thing we do.

Elevate Safety

We don’t just demonstrate safety, we define it daily.

Lead to Succeed

We lead the industry and our company through our dedication to doing good work and sharing our knowledge with others.

Make the Team

Being part of a team is about more than showing up; it's contributing and working for successful outcomes.

Take Care

We are at our best when we demonstrate care for our clients, each other, and our community.

Be Professional

Everyone at Keller plays a role in the positive image we portray and how we are perceived.